Lizard Tails & Wine Vines

Lizard Tails and Wine Vines is my entrance back into the writing world. At the time I am writing this I am the mother of two boys and the Director of Marketing for a beverage distributor. I love my family and I love my job – but just as any working mom can feel – at times it is hard to feel that you are succeeding at both.

My husband was on staff at a local church and within the last few years has moved from fulltime paid ministry…to fulltime non-paid ministry – meaning we are both working “corporate” jobs but continuing to minister in other ways.

It’s been an interesting road to lead us to where we are now. We aren’t perfect and haven’t always gone the way God has led us…but God has proven time and time again to provide and remind us that while we may go the wrong route, He never leaves us and never turns away. So join me as I continue on this road…Enjoying all the lizard tails and wine vines along the way.

– Courtney




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