Lizzy – the Male Lizard

So…we are the proud parents of an Eastern Fence Lizard named Lizzy. My boys found him outside and were immediately drawn to his long claws and blue and white striped underside. They thought she was a she and so named her Lizzy. They were very confident to remind us that he was a she…until my husband explained that, she was really a he….So Lizzy became Lizardo (that sounds masculine, right?) and remains Lizzy for short. For the past three days they have checked on her (ehm, him) repeatedly, making sure that he was okay. They love holding him and will gladly report “don’t worry, mom, we’ll wash our hands after”. It’s so precious to watch them love something other than a toy…I mentioned to Lincoln (6) that this was good practice for when we one day have a dog…His response, “Mom, when we have a dog, they can’t go into the playroom where Lizzy is”. I just smiled. He also said, “Mom, let’s keep Lizzy ’til he dies” (ah the thoughts of boys)…Again I laughed. I hope Lizzy sticks around for awhile…although I did read that they live about 5 years…so I’m hoping we’re in the early years!

I think it’s fun watching them get excited about something they have to take care of…Lizzy doesn’t see to mind. Thus far she’s been eating and then sleeping burying himself in the sand (it was quite shocking the first time…I thought maybe he’d died…not really thinking about the logistics of that…I mean Lizzy wouldn’t die and then bury himself in sand, right?

So our adventure into pet parenting with kids who are old enough to experience pet responsibility begins! Wish us luck:)





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