Health, Wealth & well…good times;)

Health and wealth…in this case wealth is not exactly monetary terms…more like exciting times. I’m super pumped bc I’m starting 2 new ventures:

1. Health: So it’s not exactly a venture, as in corporate venture, but it is a fabulous new venture into my future. I have been wanting to invest in my health, but unfortunately the gym eludes me; mostly because I have quite the drive (minimal to some) but an hour + to and from…so time at the gym is a no-go for me. Instead, I’ve tried to incorporate bike riding or running or walking…but that typically gets deferred to my kids and dinner prep as well as darkness (our neighborhood has zero lights and sidewalks). I have a friend who began doing some Beach Body workouts – PIYO sounded intriguing to me so I tried it…and I LOVE it! I enjoyed the coaching aspects that MY coach, Laura Mendenhall, gave to me – encouraging healthy eating (including Shakeology – which sounded bizarre, but I tried it and…well…on the days I don’t have it, I can tell a difference!) as well as time management tips (when DO you work out inbetween drives, dinner and family time?!) and just a fun community…so I’m hosting my own group in September (check out my FB page for more info).

2. Wealth: Okay…so not $$$ BUT wealth as in…I’ve been blessed by the wealth of being born in the USA. I’m so thankful that I’m able to worship my God without restrictions from government ON TOP of the fact that I’ve been able to go through life without going hungry, homeless, etc. I have been given a wealth of resources! So, what am I doing about it? As you can see from previous posts, my want to help others has been top of mind lately. I want to be able to share God’s love with others and help my kids to see how blessed they are as well.

Earlier this week, our church announced that it is taking trip to Burkina Faso, Africa in February. Our previous church had a relationship with Haiti. (Check out Haiti Cherie!) Tim took several trips with them and I do believe one day we may do a long term trip there because of Tim’s love for Haiti and even Lincoln’s desire to go there. Our church now, has a relationship with Burkina Faso and I have been wanting to travel there since we first started attending. And in February that trip is going to come to fruition!

Sidebar: My dad’s mom always wanted to go to Africa and while my grandfather would travel ANYWHERE with her, Africa was not really his cup of tea…she died unexpectedly when I was in college and never got to go. When Tim and I got married I told him that Africa was somewhere I needed to go, in order to fulfill the dream my grandmother had had. Now, my mom tells me that my grandma would not want me to travel to Africa now (I wouldn’t doubt that), I, however, feel like it’s a trip I need to take.

I can’t wait to meet the people of Burkina Faso and am hoping to even me our Compassion child while we are there! Yes, EBOLA is happening in Africa…no, Burkina Faso is not one of the countries that has had a major outbreak (trust me, I went over this with my mom today!)…

So, in addition to a crazy hectic work schedule (my trade show is literally a few weeks away!!!) I am going to be challenging myself to a steady diet of work out, health and wellness (Starbucks, I’m sorry, but I’m having to take a break for awhile!!)…I want to be tip top shape, emotionally, spiritually and physically to embrace all that Burkina has to offer in February and all that life has to offer in between:)

Be praying for our family as we prepare for this amazing adventure…while they are not going with me, I know that God has some pretty exciting things in store for my kids and Tim while I’m away! I want them to be prepared to embrace that as well!

Below is a video from Engage Burkina – it will give you a taste of what we are doing in the country as wells as some stats. It’s hard to believe that while we have so much, others just a plane ride away, have so little.

And for those of you who think…what about the needs in OUR country? Soon, I will share some of the things our family will be getting involved with locally in the coming months as I agree, we don’t have to travel abroad to help others…we can help those in our backyard too.


Engage Burkina from Engage Burkina on Vimeo.


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