Those Who Play Together…Have More Fun!

It’s October – and gorgeous outside!! I LOVE this weather and this time of year. While Christmas is my favorite holiday and winter (when there’s snow) is my favorite season, Fall comes in second by a very close margin:)

Why am I so excited right now? Because Tim and I are putting some much needed focus into our health. These last few years have been crazy and unfortunately our health, while we have attempted, has not always been at the top of the priority list – yes, we have attempted to eat right, to exercise, etc. but at the same time it was a bit half hearted – at least on the exercise front. So now we have beautiful weather and the holidays coming so we are embracing a new Beach Body program P90.

P90 is the super modified version of Insanity or P90X. It was created to help those who gave up on Insanity or P90X because the goal of Beach Body is the help more people begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They realized they were leaving out a large group of people who couldn’t keep up with the previous programs, would get frustrated and give up, and those who looked at the programs and laughed (I’m one of those!). P90 works for those in high school on up into their 60s (obviously check with your doctors if you have health issues!). I can’t wait to start it with Tim – and hey – if you’re wanting to make a change…and dive in, join us! We have a challenge group starting on October 21st! Let me know if you’re interested! We’ll have a lot of fun and get #fitnfabulous together!!

We’ll keep you posted on our results!!



One thought on “Those Who Play Together…Have More Fun!

  1. Cindy October 21, 2014 / 11:51 am

    Courtney, I LOVE reading your blog and seeing pictures of you, Tim and the boys. How I miss you guys!! But this helps me feel closer to you. You just make me smile.

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