I’m back…from Burkina…like, for a few months now…make that, like, 3 months…

Longest title ever…but it’s true:) I’m going to be honest…I really thought I’d posted something since coming back…but reality is that I actually just thought about posting…A LOT…and apparently thought about it so much that I never actually did it. I did write a letter to those who helped me on my trip…but procrastination being what it is I haven’t actually sent it out yet…so for now I’ll consider it my little summer surprise;)

So in the last few months what have we been up to?

  • Lincoln played baseball…and became quite the catcher…He has already told me that when he’s a famous baseball player he’ll give me his Rookie card for free…because, you know, he can do that for family;)
  • Kellen graduated from Pre-K! I know, crazy, right? We still call him Baby Kellen and he corrects us every time. “I’m a BIG boy!” He can be found most days building train tracks for his Thomas trains or just creating stories for them (he’s not like me at all).
  • Lincoln got his first library card. Being a giant reader as a kid I’ve had so much fun taking the boys to the library…Lincoln LOVES reading and is especially enthralled with all things animal. His favorite series are Geronimo Stiles and Junie B. Jones.

So one of the things I’ve been focused on since I returned from my time in Burkina is how to incorporate giving back on the kids level. They don’t quite get it. Lincoln is a bit obsessive about earning money. Whether it’s chores (not often enough) or selling rocks that look like animals to his friends (quite the bargain – 5.00 if you’re a kid; 10.99 if you have a parent or grandparent assisting you with payment…there will be plenty more to write about in future posts…look for the #kidentrepreneur) – Linc wants to make money. Kellen’s really just happy to put spare change into his piggy bank…So how do we do it?

Aside from discussions around the home I’ve kept my eyes open for activities that focus on those less fortunate. I’ve been in a bit of a purging mode so we’ve given lots of items to the Kidney Foundation. The kids helped find some toys that they could contribute. Kellen’s Pre-K class at church took home paper bags to fill with food so we did that too. I was several days late dropping it off (story of my life) but I was able to have both kids with me when I took it to church allowing us to talk about what we were doing and why.

This weekend I am really excited because I found an activity for our family to do together. I had signed up previously for #GlobalYouthServiceDay but of course I couldn’t pull it together for us to make it. So this weekend I found us another activity. We are headed to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The kids are going to decorate bags for the food that goes out. The service project was created specifically for the younger kids so they could have some involvement in service projects. I can’t wait!

I’ll fill you in on how it goes:) -Courtney


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