It’s hard to believe that it’s 2016 in 2 weeks. My brain is on overload…not just because Christmas is Friday, but also because the end of 2015 means I take a hard look at the year – and while it held so much good…it also held a lot of defeat…goals not met, frustration at school, home and work, too many medical issues…the list could go on and on. It’s an overwhelming feeling when you want to head one direction, but you can’t – for whatever reason.

And yet…2016 is filled with hope – New Goals – regardless of whether they’re the same as goals for the last 10 years…or perhaps brand new goals. I’ve been contemplating our family’s direction…what our purpose is. Freaking out a good portion of my family, I’ve given a lot of thought in the last few weeks on what it would look like to live in another country – possibly a third world country – with the boys. Tim has a heart for Haiti and I’m in love with Burkina and the folks I have met there. How would my boys grow up different? How would their outlook and world view turnout if they were in another environment other than an American one? I LOVE the states and my life here…our life here…but I keep feeling like we’re meant for more…

Alas, we have a LOT to accomplish before any of the above can even begin to be considered…communication is the #1 issue we’ve dealt with this year. One I fail at miserably everyday – at work and at home. So it’s top of mind as I head into the new year. Budgets are another thing on the list. We did not do well on the budget front this year which led to increased stress – not fun! So that’s big on the list. We’ve done it and done it well in the past so I know we can knock somethings out if we kick it into high gear…

Last, but definitely, not least, is health. Part of the deal with the health issues this past year was from injuries that kept us from being able to work out…and from craziness that led to unhealthy food habits. I’ve already started a list for meals in 2016 and while it KILLS me to cook the SAME THING over and over again – I’m working on a meal plan that’s good for the wallet and good for the belly:) I’ve been utilizing my 21 day fix cookbook because it allows me to see the portion controls…and we’ll be doing our nutrient dense shakes everyday – because it easily ensures we’re getting good nutrition – and because the kids think it’s dessert…

So here’s to 2016 – a year of hope & change – for the positive!




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