The Calm before the Storm

IMG_0683Christmas has come and gone. Per my 8 year old – “This was the BEST Christmas EVER!” Kellen (5) completely disagreed and thought it was the WORST Christmas ever…because it wasn’t snowing. I hated to tell him to get used to it – we live in Georgia kid. Regardless of the warm weather, I am inclined to agree with Lincoln. As crazy as it was (and in a family as large as mine there is always chaos!), it was filled with so many joyful moments. My boys were able to play with their cousins that were visiting from Virginia. They picked up right where they left off.

The adults had a lot of champs which I’ve saved up for moments like these. We downed a bottle of Clicquot Rose faster than I would’ve liked (because who doesn’t want to keep drinking Clicquot?!) and then followed it up with some Luc Belaire…My mom had some Whispering Angel on hand too (finally – some EDI brands in the house!) and let’s just say we had a good time…Dinner was the traditional Chicken Kiev with Christmas Crackers🙂

We went bowling the day after Christmas and Kellen told me later, “I hate bowling.” Shocking – he won the game with a little help from an adorable dinosaur ball slide. I asked why and his response, “I didn’t get to do more bowling!” I cracked up.

Lincoln introduced his cousin to laser tag and while their team lost, they had a lot of fun tracking down the “enemy”. It ended up being a team of kids (all about the same age) and two adults. Lincoln can not wait to go back! Something tells me we may be doing some type of birthday celebration there – thank goodness we have some time to save up;)

Looking back I have few pictures from this weekend, but it’s because I chose not to feel guilty about capturing every moment. My phone was dead a lot of the weekend or had a child playing a game on it (thus the phone being dead)…so while I did limit playtime on the phone, I also wasn’t in a major hurry to recharge it. When things calmed down I did some meal planning and today was able to execute it.

I’m feeling pretty pumped about the New Year – excited about the new things going on at Empire and with Beachbody! I’m pretty sure 2016 will be a year to remember…and it hasn’t even begun yet:)




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