The Storm…

The title felt fitting;) The storms aren’t actually hitting yet. There is rain in the forecast, but that’s about it thus far. My life has become quite introspective the last few days. Things that typically aggravate the crud out of me are rolling off my back and the things that I should be chill about are aggravating me…thus a nice glass of red wine greets me at night…oh, that the red wine would make the problems dissipate…

Wine does not make problems go away.

So, my human self is having to deal with the issues and let’s be honest. That’s really how it should be.

Anytime I decide to make a change for the better I am caught up in a struggle of some sort. I have always viewed these struggles as a distraction from what God really wants me to do. Sadly, a lot of times these struggles are self-induced. Laziness hits me and when I know I should stay up just a little later to get things done (or perhaps do those specific things earlier in the evening!) and my brain says…”oh, it’s okay, you’ll get to it tomorrow!” and tomorrow comes…and a week later the items remain undone.


So – 2016 – the year of better-ness! The year of doing things I say I’m going to do – and following through! I can do it – I mean, I wrote a freaking screenplay – I can actually see things through – actually finish them:)

So in the midst of all this change and trying to move through these emotions, I found this book: Living with Less So Your Family has More by Jill and Mark Savage. The intro to Chapter 1 had me hooked and spoke to my heart. I am really excited to see the wisdom they will impart. If you’re trying to figure out ways to improve your day to day living, to improve your family life and really take 2016 by storm – check out this book – and let me know your thoughts!



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