Meal Plan: 1/3/16-1/9/16


So for this week’s meal plan I went to Clean Eating Magazine’s website. They have some pre-planned meal plans, but regardless of the magazine or website, I can never find one that has a full week of meals I actually want to eat. So instead, I pick and choose meals I want to eat and that I think my family will enjoy. This week’s plan will have some that I know Lincoln will balk at…but I think I can win him over!

A few things to note:

I attempted Aldi. I LOVED the amount of organic products I could get and the prices I could get them at…con – I definitely got there AFTER everyone had picked through the items so there was not a ton of fresh produce available. Lesson learned. It did free up cash to purchase higher-quality items at Publix later that evening (I toyed at going to another Aldi, but since we went to the evening service I didn’t have a lot of time…so I opted for Publix instead).

Saffron – it’s expensive…I’ll let you know if I could see a difference in taste profile – I bought the strands and then used a stone grinder to grind the strands.

Some of the spices were hard to find in my Publix and at Aldi…my advice – play with what you have available. If you can find the right ones (and the price is right), grab them – if not, use what you have and see how it works!

Happy Cooking!

Mediterranean Chicken Pitas with Roasted Red Peppers
*Update* This was SO easy to make and tasty too! I packed them for our lunches this week and Tim taste tested it, giving it 2 thumbs up:) I did by some spring mix to add to the pita to try and give a little more filling, but that’s just me.

Three-Cheese Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Mexican Chicken Stuffed Peppers


So good! A bit on the spicy side so I opted out on the jalepenos, but I did add in some mild chili peppers. The boys liked it…but were wary of the green bell peppers. Kellen DID like helping to stuff the peppers though! Tim thought it was delicious so we are packing up the remainders as lunches for the week!

**I had a lot of stuffing leftover from this meal because I didn’t have giant (or overstuffed) peppers – I added some Cote du Rhone wine (red) and added some veggie spaghetti and voila – another meal!**
Chicken Puttanesca


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