changeChange freaks people out. Change freaks me out. Even when I’m the one invoking the change, seeing it through can be painful, frustrating, or just uncomfortable.

Tomorrow I move out of my office at work and move into another office down the hall. I’ve been told the change was coming several times over the last few years, but it never panned out…so I didn’t really think it would happen. Moving down the hall seems trivial – and in the grand scheme it totally is…but yet it totally through me for a loop – that’s me, being honest.

I’m working at not being freaked out by change – one of my aunts LOVES change. I think that’s admirable. I want to be a go with the flow person…and in most cases I can be, but there are those moments where I want to just throw a tantrum…and just shout out “I don’t want change!!”

Two of the changes I’ve been looking forward to this year are implementing more health and fitness into the life of our family. Thus far we’ve been doing good sticking to our meal plan – there are a few times we’ve strayed – but what family doesn’t from time to time? As far as fitness – I’ve been 6 days in for P90 and I’m feeling stronger and looking forward to #flexfriday;) These changes are uncomfortable at times (I enjoy my time chilling on the couch and watching TV) BUT I’ve been choosing to get up and follow-thru…No one can make me change, I have to do the work:)  Here’s to 2016 – a year of change!



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