The Struggle is Real.

StruggleIsRealThis week was long and short. Long because I had several late nights at the office staying for sales meetings and then short because I took Monday off to stay at home with boys. It was emotional too – opportunities are in front of me and they are scary and the pressure is on.



Meal Plan: I was good with eating for the most part this week. I won’t lie. Coffee has been a BIG part of my day at the office. For one thing, it is FREEZING and I am typically ALWAYS cold…and for another thing, I love coffee…but I’m thinking it will probably be a good idea if I work on getting it out of my system on an everyday basis and into my system on a once in awhile basis…We’ll see how that goes. Beachbody has come out with a Cafe Latte Shakeology flavor so I’m going to test it out. The good thing is that I can get a coffee flavor with out the caffeine (or at least less caffeine that a normal cup of coffee). It comes out January 11th so I’ll let you know what I think about it!

I’ve found that unless I’m at home, the family doesn’t cook SO that may change how I do the meal plans in the future. I DID use a ton of leftover veggies in a root vegetable soup and I ate off of that a lot this week so I’ll include the recipe in this week’s meal plan list. It’s tasty and both of my boys like it – plus it’s FULL of veggies.

Eating is not a struggle for me. I love to eat. I love to drink wine. I love to do both together. The struggle for me is getting up in the morning and working out (thus the zillion late night workouts!). I am NOT a morning person. Tim is a morning person. I am the night owl. I’m finding that Kellen is a morning person and Lincoln is the night owl…This week I took the kids to school late twice. Not a great impression, and sad to say, not the first time…by a long shot. I totally pulled in next to a mom in her pajama pants…I was in mine with matching boots…that’s a bit of a joke. [And when I say pajama pants, I mean the Teddy Bear pajama pants that you see in my workout videos…not stylish…So I joked to the mom next to me that it was PJ day for the adults. I went with it. I’m sure there were others making judgements in their heads…but they were late too, right? ;)]

The lateness drives Tim nuts. It drives Kellen nuts. Lincoln is fine with going back to sleep;) I’ve got to work on the balance between staying up late and getting up early. That being said it is now after midnight…so I’m going to pop off to bed…and probably enjoy a cup of coffee in a few hours when Tim gets up to take the dogs training…I’ll start working on the coffee thing on Monday…or maybe when the Shakeology arrives;)




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