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April has come out of nowhere. We have been battling freezing temps well into March and now that April has sprung the warm weather is popping…which means the craziness has gotten crazier…All the brilliant plans for my blog and other fun projects have hit the wall. Full stop. I’ve been listening to podcasts galore on social media, business, personal development, etc. and I’m finding that both in business, my personal life and all the side projects I’m getting stuck in the analysis paralysis. I’m basically overwhelming myself in the what-ifs and future possibilities that I’m getting stuck in the what-I-need-to-do-right-nows. Last week I took time to sort out my office and portions of the house (seeing the floor in the playroom is a good thing…but the rest of the house is a work in progress!). I planted some herbs and SHOCKER they are actually sprouting – there’s hope for me yet in the green thumb department!

Sports are back – Tim’s coaching for the first time ever and his team is fantastic – I say this not because the kids are AMAZING (I mean, of course they are!) but more because I’ve been tied up at work and with Kellen’s soccer so I have not been able to be the sidekick as much as I’d like – instead the other parents have rallied…Not sure if this is normal, but on most of the other teams we’ve been on there are pretty much the coach and the asst coach running things…so to see so many of the parents stepping up has been really great. I asked Tim about a snack list – one of the teammates grandparents had taken it on; asked about uniforms – we received them and someone said they’d put the kids names on them, someone else was working on the hats…etc. I love seeing community work together – no matter

They lost their first game but not by much and it’s fun to see he and Lincoln team up. Kell’s back at soccer and still enjoying it. A little girl in his class is on an opposing team and EVERYTIME they see each other they run up and give each other a hug. This started in the middle of one of their games so it was unexpected and hilarious – they hi-fived when each of their teams scored. At one point a coach gently reminded them that they didn’t really need to lift each other off the ground when they hugged each other – to which Kellen responded with, “She’s in my class at school!”

I’ve been doing a lot of investigating in health and nutrition along with business. I’ve found some great movies and books that share some thought-provoking ideas and statements. I’m learning more and more why my superfood shake works the way it does as well as how I can better incorporate a healthier lifestyle within the house. I’m still figuring things out…the biggest issue right now is trying to find  a good work/life balance. The commute is a lot right now, especially balancing it with the new sports schedules and upcoming summer plans, but I’m prepared to work harder to make everything work. Spending a little more time sacrificing fun things in order to put more time into building a life by design – a life that makes sense for us. Everything’s a work in progress, but that’s life, right?




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