Time – The Most Valuable Commodity

2.pngI recently asked someone about joining one of my fitness accountability groups and mentioned that one of the requirements was to have a workout and drink a superfood shake called Shakeology.

The response I received was almost comical to me…

“No. And I wouldn’t pay for those things.”

It was a fair statement and a few years ago, I would have completely agreed.

I have belonged to a gym before – granted it was at our apartment complex BUT  I did go…when I could wake up with enough time to head out with Tim. Aside from that I always found time to fit in some kind of fitness. At my job I used to hike the warehouse quite often…especially during my busy seasons. Now? I hit the warehouse when absolutely necessary – otherwise I’m at my desk working – even during the busy season. I thought I could walk in my neighborhood – but who am I kidding? The most walking I did was when I was pregnant with the kiddos…since then it is go – go – go.

There was also that time I thought I could become a runner. I had lofty aspirations to do the WIPE OUT 5K. That lasted a few weeks I think …sometimes running back and forth between my mailbox and my neighbor’s mailbox looking a fool because it was too dark to make the circle in the neighborhood – we have no streetlamps and no sidewalks – but I digress.

All this to say that when I decided that health and fitness needed to become a priority I had to look at my options.

The gym was out. Even if I lived near one my hour + commute was going to limit me, especially when you factor in picking up kids from school and carting them to and from activities.

Walking/running was out. From the paragraph above you can guess that I am #notarunner. And by utilizing that hashtag you can also find some pretty comical pics of my “trying” to be a runner. Walking wasn’t necessarily out BUT Tim and I juggle late nights sometimes and excuses being what they are – it wasn’t going to happen.

Intro PIYO. My girlfriend was doing it and I thought – hey…I could use some Zen in my life! I gave it a go and even bought the superfood shake that came with it. I loved that the workouts were in my air conditioned home and could be done at anytime…even 11pm…which SHOCKER is when a lot of mine happen. The shake – well I started with Strawberry and it was not my favorite…I added some frozen fruit and it made it better. I drank it and did notice a change in how I was feeling.

I wasn’t perfect, but it was a start…and it gave me the feeling that I could actually fit some health and fitness into my life without adding one more thing to my day. Even the shake has its benefits…For one thing, my child that refuses to eat veggies without a massive resistance…will struggle some down knowing that he can have a shake for dessert – and I get the relief that he will be growing and gaining all the nutrients he needs – regardless of what he thinks. I know as he gets older his tastebuds will change and eating veggies will be less of a fight – but for now, while we struggle through it – I know I’m winning regardless;)

So back to time. We don’t get it back. Ever. Once that second hand moves it’s gone. I think about this a lot. My father died of cancer when I was 13. It’s a bit why I’m pretty intent on keeping my family healthy…and why when we started getting off-track I became laser focused on getting it back. My dad didn’t die of a heart attack – it was cancer, but I watched what it did to his body. I also know the impact it had on my life, my brother’s life and my mom’s…and even to a certain extent my blended family.

I can’t stomach the thought that my boys would grow up without myself or Tim by their sides (figuratively of course!) for as long as possible. I don’t want them to go through what I went through and SO MUCH OF IT IS PREVENTABLE!

So, yes, in the past I never would have spent money on at-home workouts or shakes…now I do because it’s the way I make it work. I’m guaranteed amazing workouts and a community of women (and men) that are able to lift me up and encourage me. I’m able to get amazing nutrients into my body without buying a bunch of ingredients, blending them together and then trying to stomach drinking it (I made a mango smoothy one time and it tasted like grass – for real…just cut grass – you can ask my friend Jen. I’m pretty sure I told her over the phone while I drank it!). For me this simplifies life…and that’s what I need right now in this season and why I share it with folks – because if it helps me, it might help someone else too.

Simplicity. Practically impossible to find…but when found – I embrace it with my full being.



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