RumHavenI’m not a huge cocktail maker. I always have great intentions of muddling and shaking, but by the time I get home I pull out the wine and pour myself a gl

ass! (A little like going to the grocery store and then getting home and ordering pizza, right?)

Earlier this year we launched a new brand called RumHaven and when I say I LOVE it, I MEAN it!

So much so that I tell EVERYONE about it. ‘Cause I’m crazy like that:)

So what is this RumHaven?

It’s a Coconut Rum made with real Coconut Water – and it’s amazing!

My favorite cocktail is called the Splash:

The Splash

The Splash


  • 2.5 oz RumHaven
  • 2 oz Soda Water
  • Splash of lime juice (0.5 oz)

Garnish with lime wedge. Build all ingredients into a tall glass, stir, add ice


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