psalm305I remember turning on the TV while Tim and I were preparing for our day.

I remember hurrying into the bedroom to get him when I realized what was happening.

I remember wondering why the news helicopter or plane was flying so close to the second tower…and then watching it hit the tower.

I remember going into my first class and my professor saying that we needed to focus on classwork…that while what was going on was terrible, everything would be fine.

I remember the next day when that same professor cried and apologized for not taking it more seriously.

I remember staring up at the sky and thinking it was bizarre with no planes in the sky and being grateful that my uncle, who flew for American was safe and my step-dad and uncle who are also pilots were safe – stranded in other states, but safe.

I remember reaching out to friends that I hadn’t talked to in years, to make sure that they were okay – and that there friends and families were as well.

I remember the discussions Tim and I had about bringing kids into the world under these circumstances.

I remember staring at a gas station sign in Tulsa, OK while at a stop light as it hit me that there are people in the world who might not have the comfort of Jesus during that time and wondering how they were processing everything going on.

I remember praying that I would never be in that place – with no hope, no comfort.

I remember the country drawing together. I remember friends and strangers comforting each other.

I remember…



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