What’s the Beachbody Health Bet?

Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of friends and family about the Beachbody Health Bet. It’s a bit silly but I LOVE what Beachbody has been doing the last few months! A lot of people look at Beachbody and think Insanity, P90X and while all of those fabulous programs DID come out of Beachbody – it’s not what they’re all about.

Yes, they are about fitness.

Yes, they are about health.

But truly, their desire is to reduce obesity in America and across the world – and if we get down to the nitty gritty – they’d like to get rid of it altogether. They want it so bad that they are going out of the box to try and make it happen.

Day 17 Only Happens When You Start at Day One!

The Beachbody Health Bet
Beachbody believes that if you get into a rhythm of health and fitness you will actually stick with it…but it’s getting people to take the first step that is SO HARD!

This might make it a little easier🙂

Beachbody is betting $1 million dollars that you will fall in love with getting healthy.



The bet is simple:

Work Out + Drink a Superfood Shake = Win a Piece of Up to $3 MILLION DOLLARS!

You read that right! Up to $3 MILLION DOLLARS [insert fun evil laugh and put your pinky out too:)]

It can’t be THAT easy!

Um, yeah, it is:)

And for fun – let’s run the numbers:)*

If 25,000 people participate in the Beachbody Health Bet Challenge. Think about it, lots of people SAY they are going to commit, but usually a SMALL percentage actually do it – so let’s say maybe 10% make it all the way to the end – that is 2,500 people…splitting a potential of $3M!

10% of 25,000 people = 2,500 people

$3Million split between 2,500 people = $1,200

What would you do with $1,200 extra in your wallet??

The actual requirements:CoachShakeWorkout

  • You need to join my Health Bet Challenge (starts Sept. 5)
  • You have to commit to eating healthy. And the way this is measured is by adding Shakeology to your nutrition plan. You must drink Shakeology (and track it in our group with a selfie) at least 5 days a week.
  • You have to commit to working out at least 3 times a week and log it into our group.

Voila – that is it!

So what are you waiting for? I’m so pumped I have actually gotten some smaller prizes to reward the folks who join my challenge group as we go through each week!

If you want to join in fill out this challenge group application and then I’ll reach out to you ASAP:) The best thing is to remember you won’t be alone. Taking the first step is the hardest, but once you do, you’ll be so glad! The group of women and men that are gathering for this Beachbody Health Bet Challenge are amazing people on their own health and fitness journeys!


Odds & Ends

The Odds & ends of life as I sit here and watch The Voice;)

Burkina Faso & Ebola

Yes – I’m still going. No, I’m not in fear of Ebola. Burkina has zero cases of Ebola right now and missionaries THERE are praying for us HERE that the cases in the USA do not cause us to miss the trip. It’s a bit amazing watching the media, hearing from friends and family – those in the health industry and not – all the opinions. How could I do that to my kids?! Honestly? If I could take my family with me I’d totally do it! In fact, Lincoln has been continually asking me if he can go (he can’t) and I can’t wait to be able to one day take him on a trip like this with me.

I think this is a great testament to how we have to trust God. Awhile ago I wrote a post detailing my thoughts on “what if” God called us, as a family, to go to Haiti. Whenever I bring it up to friends and family the FEAR factor totally starts up. I’m not saying the fear and concerns aren’t relevant or valid BUT it immediately becomes “what if, what if”…We can’t let the fears of the future stop us from doing what we feel God is leading us to…regardless of the circumstances. I’m not saying go blindly…but if you think about it, Jesus called his disciples to Go and they went in totally blind…no clue of what the future would be and how their lives would change for better or worse, but they went anyways.

If you want to help support my trip…think about purchasing a challenge pack – get healthy & help send me to Burkina…or if you’d just like to make a straight up donation…details are here.

#FitNFabulous Challenge Group

Remember that time I said, “Hey Tim! Let’s do this thing called P90!”…Ha! Well, I’ve been doing it…and it’s been a bit crazy! I am totally huffing and puffing but I LOVE it and true to their word – I really think ANYONE could do it!!

Tim has not had a chance to start it just yet BUT I know that once he does start it he will LOVE it too!! I completely feel my legs & arms getting more and more tone – and I’ve had a few people comment on noticing the tone in my arms…Plus I’m not afraid to show off my “guns”!

I’ve got a few people in the challenge group with me and I am loving their participation! There is something to be said about having friends to help you stay accountable to items that have a tendency to slide down the priority list. I’m a late night workouter (ok, I know that’s not really a word;) and it would be SO easy to say, “Oh – I’ll get to it in the morning” but instead I’m popping in the DVD and working my tail off…and then I crawl into bed:) I will say if you don’t have a group you feel comfortable with helping you stay accountable with workouts (or you just want to make some new friends!) then shoot me an email or leave a comment below and I’ll get you hooked up! My goal is to get my family further on track to healthier living…and this has been a great step in that direction for us:)


We just finished up our first bout with Flag – Football. It was interesting to say the least:) Lincoln was a bit bored b/c he wasn’t able to play as much as we would have liked (a post for another time!) BUT I was super proud of the way he supported his team and embraced the challenges he faced. I was able to finally see him “tackle” someone (ie. grab their flag) so he had 2 tackles this season. He also found a love for snapping:) Tonight was the last game and he was awarded a trophy along with his other teammates! What’s next for him? When I asked him, he told me he would like to do tennis, baseball, soccer (again) and lacrosse…I think there are lots of ball fields in our future;)